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Mirror Window Tint

Mirror window tint is a terrific alternative to conventional darker window tints. This applies in particular to high-rise buildings and office buildings, where privacy is essential. Mirror window tint is a powerful solution for a number of problems, including data protection and solar management.

What is Window Tint?

Window dye is a durable yet fine layer of dye suited for refurbishment. It is generally used to ensure the longest possible useful life on the inner side of the window, but external window films can be used. The tint does not require additional maintenance once it is put; un filmed glass can also be cleaned in the normal way. The tints can be installed without prior experience, but we recommend that the fitting be carried out by one of The Window Film Company’s fully trained, skilled fitting teams for bigger panels, huge installations, or fitting in tricky places.

How Does Window Film Work?

It is vital to understand that the reflective and non-reflective side of the mirrored window film is not really there. On the side of a film that is exposed to a higher light level, the reflecting mirrored appearance appears. This will therefore be the outside side of a film during the daylight hours because it is the side of the film that is exposed to a larger degree of light (if there are bright lights on the inside).

The view from the inside is likewise maintained during the daylight hours. While individuals who pass glazing with a mirrored film perceive a reflecting effect, people within are still given an outside perspective. The film also makes the film and glass flow through an outstanding degree of natural light, making sure the interior doesn’t feel dark or dim.

Mirrored Window Tints for Security and Privacy

A window-film mirrored in one manner is the perfect daytime privacy option. Unlike frosty window films that block the glass view in both ways, reflective mirrored films are perfect in the event of daytime blockages for the view from the outside looking inside; for residential or office or commercial purposes, the mirrored film offers an elegant and stylish look combined with excellent privacy standards.

Solar Rays Control Using Mirror Window Tint

Besides confidentiality, reflecting window films offer a very efficient technique of keeping the rooms cool. The film works by rebounding from the sun’s solar radiation, creating solar heat before the glass and in the premises may pass, preventing it from being increased by the internal temperature. During warm spells, homes, offices, or working places with windows can be quickly hot, traditional methods like drawing blinds or curtains are as ineffective as unwelcome – you can block viewing and light by drawing blinds or curtains; two of the most enjoyable elements of the glazing process; in particular during summer.

Exceptional Benefits

  • Windows mirror film provides numerous advantages over plain non-tinted glass. These are:
  • Outstanding reduction in heat and glare – Keep your work areas cooler and save utilities with mirror film with up to 85 percent UV and 95 percent glare decreases. Your climate control system needs to work less effort to keep its set temperatures.
  • Increase the confidentiality of your inner areas – the mirror window film is a terrific technique to block inquisitive eyes from being visible.
  • Keep your furnishings and your tapestries looking longer – at low UV exposure; avoid the coloration and fading of your tapestries.

Installation of Mirror Window Film

A single-way mirror effect film installation is simple. It’s simple. The solution has been developed to be easy to apply, without any previous knowledge, to provide a flawless facility with soapy water and a few basic types of equipment or household appliances.